What Others Say...

Andrea Joy – Assistant Head of Sixth Form, St John Fisher Catholic High School, Harrogate

I just wanted to say thank you to Angela for delivering the workshop last week.  The students benefitted from the techniques presented to them on how to achieve success.  The session was pitched excellently at all 200 students who are all aiming for success in different aspects of their life.  Angela explored the importance of reflecting on experiences and setting goals to make their aspirations happen.  Angela delivered the workshop in a friendly style which gave the students the confidence to absorb the information and use it after the session. An enjoyable and informative workshop... Thanks to Angela for planting the seed and equipping the students to make their success happen...

Sheena Pickersgill

Angela has a very engaging speaking style and you instantly warm to her. It was great to hear her speak and I look forward to hearing her again soon. 

Sue Beever – Author and Coach

I really enjoyed your presentation on creativity and your passion for your work clearly came through. You left me really considering the importance and position of creativity within a commercial context and how, when used and accessed, can be a vital tool for finding solutions and achieving success. Furthermore you provided a timely reminder for making time and space to be more creativity. Thanks very much for an informal, engaging,  fun and thought provoking talk

Victoria Smith-Dunn

The seminar was informative and empowering. I now feel more able to actively support my child through her GCSE’s.

Alan Reynolds – Chair,  CIPD North Yorks, SEPG

I really enjoyed your presentation. To some degree you were pushing an open door as I have long held the belief that creativity can unlock the most stubborn of problems. I liked the idea of putting a time frame around ‘solutioning’. I do believe that giving people deadlines always gives more impetus. It is not just time constraints, of course – the famous adage – ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is a truism. The creative test was particularly interesting and gave the group some ‘hands on’ practice which enhanced the overall experience. Mine is still green I am pleased to say. I do think your presentation was one of the best we have had from a practical perspective

The U CAN DO Challenge

For parents I help you in understanding change and how you can coach your teenager with the right attitude. All the groups are given a workbook to follow through and gain a real insight into your current life, what is holding you back and what you need to change to release your teenagers potential. It can be inspiring to see how the smallest of things can hold young people back..

Ora-elearning Project

The development team at ORA is made up of qualified and experienced U.K Criminal Justice System professionals. The team has extensive front line experience in supervising and managing the risks posed by some of the most dangerous offenders in the Criminal Justice System. The project is to bring awareness packages to give parents vital insights into their childs and others behaviour.

ORA packages link theory to real life behaviour that young people are likely to encounter and will develop and enhance their understanding of why offender’s do the things they do, and how they can help to manage the risks that they pose.


Safe Peer Mentoring Programme

Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people’s skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites. Designed to work on safe social networks, the free materials and teacher resources will enable a school to easily deliver engaging activities and develop digital literacy skills.

More information at www.safesocialnetworking.org