Free Stuff

We have a number of resources on this page that are all free for you to use or download. As a special thank you, if you purchase any of the books, then drop me an email with confirmation and you'll be given free access to the 14 week self awareness programme. 


14 Week Self Awareness Programme for Parents

This coaching programme is aimed at building the self awareness of parents so they can work with their own teenagers. Research shows that in the world of work, over 80% of top business performers are known to be high in self-awareness, which means they are more likely to pursue opportunities, be more productive and prevent negative emotions from holding them back in life. Developing your emotional intelligence can give direct results to increase learning, improve relationships at home, school or work, develop greater focus, reduce lethargy and gain clarity on your future.

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Cognitive Behaviour Self Help Course For Parents

A great downloadable resource providing self help material for becoming more aware of your negative thinking. use this resource on a week by week basis to help build your self awareness.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)

A fast effective way to address emotional turmoils and trauma with limited talking and more focus on emotional effects and disturbances.

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Emotional Intelligence Activities for Parents to work with their own Teenagers

A great resource for 13-18 year old age group to explore their emotional intelligence