STOP lethargy START learning

Parents know first hand the pressure that their teenager is under when revising for exams. It goes without saying that pretty much anything you do and say as a parent between now and the exams will be deemed unreasonable, irritating and unfair but don't panic because you really can help.

STOP stressing START Focusing

As a parent of a teenager, you probably know the pressure they and often your whole household come under when revising for exams. They can experience immense stress and sometimes this is overwhelming. When it’s unmanaged such pressure can turn into excessive anxiety and even panic attacks.


Parenting teenagers can be a joy or the worst experience of your life and no matter how good your parenting skills are, you can still run in to challenges. This book of poems was created to help parents worldwide to stop for a minute and allow time to laugh at some of the behaviours that many of us have to endure from our offspring. Giving yourself the time to smile can make challenges feel a bit easier, knowing there are more of us out there dealing with the same problems.


Every family works better when they have a clear focus on what they all want to achieve and in this workbook you will learn more about using the U CAN DO coaching process to focus your life both individually and as a family, to develop your potential and face the challenges that may hold you back.

Working together in this unique book will help stepfamilies learn and understand a great deal about each other which will help to build those important relationships we all need.


As a stepparent you have an important role in showing that your step teenager has a place and belongs in your new family and because of this your support is invaluable. Teenagers can seem ungrateful and uninterested at times but patience and perseverance, encouraging your teenager to keep developing their confidence can help to bring you closer together.


Struggling to get on with your step teenagers? Whatever you try is met with silence? You argue more than you bond but what that to change?

Watching your natural child grow into a teenager has a whole host of challenges; relationships alter and parents need to adapt, adopt and change from managing their children's lives to coaching them, in order to keep them communicating. But step-parenting, presents itself with a whole new set of encounters, and not always through choice. Perhaps you’ve met the partner of your dreams and suddenly you find yourself having to handle more than one relationship; with those of your newly found step children.


Walk on the Grass is a personal development book that taps into your own creativity in order to elicit real change in your life. Creativity is one of the most over-looked and under utilised skills we have. Walk on the Grass encourages you to get back in touch with it to bring real balance to your life. It includes many simple and pragmatic activities that really work and get you back in touch with the real you. Whether you are 18 or 80, Walk on the Grass is an inspirationally simple guide on how to change your attitude towards those everyday negative thoughts that hold you back, from nagging doubts to fully blown false beliefs.

It brings fun back into how you view the world and the people around you, making you think about your own responsibility and ownership with simple, straight forward examples and methods.