Reducing Fears and Phobias

Over the Easter Break an opportunity came up in the local area to donate blood. This is no big thing as many people already do but I’ve never done it and it was on my top 100 Croak List to do. The reason this was a bit more than the ordinary is because as a child I had an innate fear of needles and could easily faint at the sight of them. This is not uncommon as 7 out of 10 of the population have fears and phobias. Well I thought I had got rid of this fear through hypnosis and so this was the proof I needed and a great opportunity to do something good as well. For me it was always the pain of the needle rather than any other fear but this visit gave me the opportunity to test something out that I’ve been aware of for a while regarding pain. Do you know that our mind can in fact triple the impact of this kind of pain before we even feel it? Let me explain, if you add the pain you’ve experienced in the past which many of us do, to the fear you are feeling for the future then you have 66% more pain than you would normally feel. Past + Present + Future=100% As I waited for my turn I was aware of my mind going back to the past when I had previous injections, interesting because although I was aware of it, still my mind was recalling memories and gaining evidence of the fact it would definitely hurt. Yet there was no way of knowing that. I acted quickly and managed through self hypnosis and distraction to cut the connection in my mind to the past before I was called by the Nurse and then I visualised going through the act of donating blood with a positive outcome. For me it worked, the tension eased, my mind and body relaxed and I achieved a goal that was important to me. So next time you are apprehensive about going to the dentist or giving blood etc, just consider this:

·  how much baggage are you taking with you?

·  what memories are you recalling and is it a positive or negative experience?

·  let go of the historic memories you are taking with you

·  visualise a positive outcome

By giving yourself a much better chance of dealing with just the present you’ll be amazed what a difference it will make, even two thirds better than you had ever imagined. Angel