Being Present In The Moment With Friends & Family

 I sat opposite a friend having breakfast in the capital; all I could see was the top of her head; I decided she needed her roots doing. Her head was down because she was engrossed in her own world clearly engaged with the person on the receiving end of the message she was texting. I sat there considering the impact technology was having on relationships. My friend was in the early throws of love; I understood; the fact we hadn't see each other for five years was of little relevance.

I looked over at another table and there was a parent and teenager with the same behaviours. Dad clearly busy texting and daughter looking into space, we looked across and smiled; we didn't need to say anything; I understood because I knew exactly how she was feeling sat opposite the top of her Dad's head. She desperately wanted him care about her and take away the feeling of rejection she was experiencing at that moment. She had no choice she started to mirror the actions of the role model that sat in front of her, she looked down and started a relationship with her mobile.

In fact I was starting to mirror the behaviour of them all as well by writing this blog about it!! As busy people we sometimes need a wake up call and need to reflect that  if we have taken the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends then we need to make sure we are present in the moment - listen to them - leave the phone or tablet at home - they need our attention - what they don't need is our rejection - it may be just one more call or text but to them it's a clear message - "I am too busy to give you my time". Time is what your friends and family need more than anything else.