Food or Fuel - Reducing Obesity

As the Summer starts to creep in, albeit it very slowly more and more people ask me about weight management as they want to look and feel good on holiday so I’m going to help you with a few tips for summer that you won’t read in the glossies. I know you would all agree that as human beings we need food as it fuels the vehicle we use to get around in the world, our bodies. Nothing more nothing less, sometimes we use a better quality fuel and eat well and the vehicle feels even better, too little or too much and it breaks down. So for an instant let’s stay with that analogy and imagine for a moment, when you get in your car on a morning to get to work, do you focus on the petrol that’s in it? If it’s your own vehicle rather than public transport then initially you probably do and then consider whether you need some more or whether you can you get though with what’s in it already. But does it ever cross your mind that you should -

·  Drive further or randomly just to get rid of some fuel or

·  Put too much in just because you can?

If your thinking is irrational then you might, but that is where your thoughts can be betraying you and letting you down because with healthy thinking you will focus on the journey ahead and where you are going that day not on the food intake. Now imagine that your body is no more than a vehicle to carry around the amazing intelligence of your mind and you are the driver. If you spend your days focusing on the food that your body uses or feeding it to excess and not the journey you want to make, then you won’t get to where you are going because your mind has other distractions, namely food. This is what happens when people focus on diets, immediately their thoughts are escalated to the top 10% that day so all you see is food or diet related information.

·  So let me ask you, when was the last time you got in a taxi?

Did you get in and immediately ask the driver how much petrol or diesel he had in the tank or did you tell him where you wanted to go?

·  In a car if you don’t put sufficient fuel in it for the journey ahead then it will rake up the dregs of petrol that is in the tank and with it the sludge that settles at the bottom of the tank, and that is what you are using for fuel. If you do this enough then the vehicle will break down and stop working. This is what can happen with eating disorders like anorexia.

·  On the other end of the spectrum, if you overfill your car with fuel and once the tank was full, it dispersed into the floor well, how slow and sluggish would that vehicle be? This is what happens when you eat to excess and do little exercise and become overweight.

The only way to get rid of excess fuel in a car would be to drive and use a bit more up, but where to? You need to know where you are going. If you are at either end of the range then your thinking is unhealthy and your vehicle is doing exactly what you are telling it to and by association your body will be either underweight of overweight.


Start thinking from now on about the journey rather than the fuel, what are your goals in life, what do you want to achieve perhaps in a week, a month and a year from now? Now consider if you are on the right road? Is your vehicle taking you on that journey? If you fill up your vehicle with a healthy amount of fuel then it will take you on all the journeys you want to make in life. It will take you any where your mind tells it to go. So looking to the present, right now in life, if your body was a car,

·  What kind of car would it be? A rusty old heap or a slick new edition

·  Really consider what your mind considers your body to be, it is often surprising.

What would you prefer it to be? A Mercedes, a Ferrari? Get a picture that represents the car you want your body to represent and put it where you are influenced the most, on the fridge is a good place. Remember we can upgrade our vehicle anytime we want to. Your mind has complete control over it. If you don’t like the body you’re mind is driving then what healthy thinking would it take to upgrade it? Remember a healthy vehicle is a healthy body, if you put the right amount of fuel in it and take it on the journeys in life that you want to make it will serve you well and stay healthy for you, this means eating well and taking the right amount of exercise that your body needs to use up the fuel but stay healthy.


The other point many people tell me is how they want to look like they used to.  Now I didn’t think anyone had invented a real time machine yet so you aren’t going back anywhere.

·  So start focusing forward, forget what you used to look like.

·  What do you want to look like now?

·  Start getting a real picture of what you want to look like now and you’ll find it a lot easier to move forward than backwards, just try walking backwards it’s not an easy feat so thinking backwards is even harder.

I often listen to people who tell me, they don’t want to be how they are but once again how many of you have got in a taxi and given the driver a list of where you don’t want to go? The Taxi Driver would think you were crazy but that is exactly what many people tell their bodies.

·  So today, let your mind make a pact with your body and decide what journeys or goals you want to achieve in life and then focus forwards,

·  Let your mind decide what fuel you need for the journeys you want to make and your body will get you there.

·  Put your focus on the goals you want to achieve in life and start telling yourself what you really want to be, or achieve. Focusing on being healthy is a lot more powerful than focusing on a particular size.

We run workshops in Harrogate every month that can give you an additional kick start on the goals you want to achieve and you can contact us for more details.

Final thought

You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive your car you just need to know where the controls are. The main one is the ignition key and that one is in your own mind, you have the power to change anything you want to, you just need to get your focus straight.